Olof Lidin        







Uppsala University, Sweden                                        B.L., 1951

Stockholm University, Sweden                                    B.A., 1955

Sorbonne, France, French studies                                1948

Universität Bonn, German studies                                1951

University of California, Berkeley                                 M.A., 1963

University of California, Berkeley                                 Doctor of Philosophy, 1967




Administrative Officer, Neutral Nations Supervisory

Commission(NNSC),Panmunjom,Korea                                                                1953-55

Secretary, Swedish UN Office, Stockholm                                                    1956-59

Teaching Assistant and Instructor, University of

California, Berkeley                                                                                        1959-65

Lecturer, University of California, Davis                                                                  1965-66

Assistant Professor, University of California, Davis                           1966-69

Amanuensis, University of Copenhagen, Denmark                            1968-72

Professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark                                 1972-1996

Docent, Lund University, Sweden                                                                           1969-

Administrator, East Asian Programme, Lund University                   1969-73

Chairman, East Asian Institute, University of Copenhagen               1969-74

Chairman, East Asian Institute, University of Copenhagen               1975-80

Secretary, European Association for Japanese Studies                       1979-82

President, European Association for Japanese Studies                       1982-85

Director, Japan Information Center, Univ. of Copenhagen                1983-1995

Acting Professor Tübingen Unversität ,                              1996-199

Acting Professor Humboldt Universität, Berlin                        1997-2001

Adj. Professor,  Humboldt Universität. 2002-2006

Visiting Professor, Södertörns University, 1998-2003

Guest lecturer, Columbia University and Harvard University and Universität Tübingen, April and June 2001

Guest lecturer, Göteborg University, May and September, 2001 and many times before and also after.





Member of the Society of Sciences, Lund University                        1970

Member of the Royal Society of Sciences, Copenhagen                    1980

Member of Academia Europaea                                                                                                                           1990

Board member, Committee for European-American Exchanges

in East Asian Studies                                                                                                l990

Member, Editorial Board of Japan Forum, published by the

British Association for Japanese Studies                                                                  1990

The Sakura Prize from Zenkoku Nihon Gakushikai                                                  1976

Order of Chivalry from the Queen of Denmark                                                       1983 and 1993

Order of the Rising Sun from the Emperor of Japan                                                1985

Visiting Professor, International Research Institute for Japanese Studies, Kyoto, Japan                                                                                                                                                                       1992-3

Honorary Distinction, Tokai University                                                                                          1996


GUEST LECTURER (last among many)


Harvard University, The Edwin O. Rwischauer Institue for Japanese Studies, "Ogyû Sorai's Life and Philosophy in Simple Terms", April 2001.

Production List




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TEACHING RECORD (universities)



Modern Japanese, Berkeley, Davis, Copenhagen

Classical Japanese, Davis, Copenhagen, Tübingen, Berlin

Modern Chinese, Lund

Classical Chinese (Ikanbum) Copenhagen, Berlin, Göteborg

Japanese Cultural History, Berkeley,Davis, Copenhagen, Tübingwn, Berlin, Götebotg

Japanese Literary History, Copenhagen, Berlin

Japanese Religion and Philosophy, Copenhagen, Berlin

Swedish Language, Berekely, Davis







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